The Natural History Society of Jamaica


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If you want to support nature conservation in Jamaica, while learning about the her biodiversity, then join us today.

Membership in the Society is open to all persons.

The current membership comprises persons from all across Jamaica and overseas with wide-ranging qualifications, skills and interests. Members of the society are scientists, administrators, artists, photographers, writers and educators.

Organizations can become members or make contributions to any of the activities of the Society. So, whether you are a nature lover, amateur naturalist or professional scientist we have something to offer you.

In addition to asking members to provide for the Society, the Society provides for its members by offering them a variety of activities e.g.seminars, work shops, field trips, on wide ranging topics and social get-togethers. All members are encouraged to assist in the planning and execution of activities. Members are kept up to date by a monthly newsletter "Nature's Jottings", to which they are encouraged to contribute their own observations on the island's Natural History.

There are four types of membership: full, associate, life, and honorary. Membership fees are due on April 1 of each year and include the cost of the newsletter.

Honorary Members

  • Mrs Cynthia Powell, formerly of the Institute of Jamaica and the Excelsior High School
  • Mrs. Sylvia Barber, formerly of Kingston College
  • Dr. Joy Royce, St. Andrew High School for Girls
  • Mrs. Sonia Serrant, St Hugh’s High School
  • Mrs. Anna-Marie Hendricks, formerly of Immaculate Conception High School and Priory Senior High School
  • Dr. Patrick Fairbairn, formerly of Natural Resources Conservation Dept. (NRCD)
  • Dr. George Proctor, formerly of the Institute of Jamaica
  • Prof. Ivan Goodbody, Department of Life Sciences, UWI
  • Dr. Margaret Hodges, formerly of the Government of Jamaica Health Sector
  • Dr. Eric Garraway, Department of Life Sciences, UWI
  • Mrs. Audrey Wilkes

The NHSJ recognizes the following honorary members who have left through metamorphosis:

  • Dr. A. Drew, formerly of Munroe College
  • Ms. Olive Baxter, formerly of Wolmers Girls School
  • Dr. Thomas Farr, formerly of the Institute of Jamaica
  • Ms. Lisa Salmon, founder of Rocklands Bird Sanctuary
  • Mr. C. Bernard Lewis, formerly of the Institute of Jamaica