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A magazine providing information on Jamaica's natural history and environment through articles, research news and book reviews.

Jamaican Naturalist


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Some Common Trees of Jamaica

First Edition

This book is compiled primarily of articles written by members of the Education Subcommittee of the Natural History Society of Jamaica, and published in the Children’s Own Newspaper during the 1993-1994 school year. Each article is somewhat unique in its approach as the styles of the various authors have been retained as much as possible.

Insects and their Kin


Natural History of Jamaica 1941-2000

Volume 1

Insects and Their Kin: The Terrestrial Arthropods

A compilation of writings from 1941 - 2000 by members of the NHSJ. Articles were originally published in the Natural History Notes of the NHSJ, Glimpses of Jamaican Natural History and the Jamaican Naturalist.

Insects and their Kin

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Blue Mountain Guide

Blue Mountain Guide
2nd Edition
Available on Amazon

Edited by Margaret Hodges, this edition covers the entire Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park. (ISBN: 976-8092-74-2[...].

A to Z of Wildlife and Wild places in Ja

A-Z of wildlife & wild places in Jamaica
First Edition

A colouring book with a difference! View it here.


Insects and their Kin

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Jamaican Folklore and Natural History Video, Nature’s Jottings, Glimpses of Jamaica’s Natural History, Old Notes CD among others


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